DiagnodentWe want to detect decay before it hurts, and long before conventional x-rays show it. Our laser detection unit finds cavities early enough so we can generally remove the decay without the need for anesthesia. That makes our patients happy; especially the kids, who can return to school without a numb lip and the risk of biting themselves.

Diagnosis is instant, accurate, and 100% comfortable (there is no sensation at all from the laser diagnostic... unlike the "pick"!). Research has shown that because the dental "pick" can't often reach into where the new cavity begins, we (dentists and hygienists) were missing 76% of the most common cavities. See link to Diagnodent on the helpful links page.

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection
Pick Cannot Reach

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection
Diagnodent Sees 2mm
INTO Tooth

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