Advanced Technology

At Dr.T Dental, we pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge in patient care. The following is a list of some advanced technological services.
  • Digital X-Rays:
    The Dexis digital sensor was introduced in 2009 and is regarded by many as the best in the industry. What this means is that the radiation used is extremely low and the clarity of the X-ray is incredibly detailed.

  • Computer Assisted Anesthesia (STA):
    With this system the computer knows your pain threshold and can give the anesthesia so you do not feel it! It can also give the anesthesia without numbing your lip or tongue. Just think: No more fear of "the shot!"

  • Video screens:
    Each of our treatment rooms has two screens so we can show you a picture or X-ray of your mouth and teeth. You can see everything we see.

  • Watch:
    Cable TV or a movie during your dental treatment.

  • Lasers:
    We have lasers to detect cavities. The system is called Diagnodent, and this device measures the density of your teeth and can tell us in a digital readout if a cavity is present. Coming soon: Lasers to treat your gums.

  • Drill-less Dentistry/Air Abrasion:
    The technology is Air Abrasion, and it is used to prepare teeth without anesthesia. No drilling! It is a very conservative way of preparing teeth. Air Abrasion involves the use of a special hand piece which creates a beam of abrasive particles with a small amount of water. You feel nothing!

  • Digital Molds:
    Digital molds eliminate the need for that messy procedure. With the use of a special device, Dr. Talaber is able to take digital images from a 3-D video of the patient’s teeth, bit and jaw. These images are then used to build, layer by layer, a 3-D mold of the patient’s teeth. Read more . . .

  • Lumineers:
    Find more about Lumineers here.

Office Hours:

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  • Friday Dr T teaches at the U. of W. School of Dentistry

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